Monday, August 31, 2015

Week of 8/31/15 - 9/4/15

Monday - Students will start chapter 20 active notes. Chapter 20 covers tobacco. Following notes students will write a letter to a friend or family member encouraging him/her to stop smoking. Students must include information from notes and researched information on tobacco.

Tuesday - Students will continue with chapter 20 lesson 2 active notes. After notes students will start a small in-class project that will include them making posters to educate their peers on the dangers of using tobacco.

Wednesday - Students will work on chapter 20 lesson 3 active notes. Students will complete their tobacco posters. If time permits students will create their own "Truth Commercials".

Thursday- Students will complete notes for chapter 20. Cooperative Learning: Students will start working on Bulletin Boards about Smoking. Students will be given cooperative learning cards. They will be paired with a partner who can help them complete the assignment. Students will be given a card and they will complete side A of the card. They will develop bulletin boards. 

Friday - Students will complete their Cooperative learning assignment: Students must be sure to include reasons a person should quit, images to encourage people to quit and to encourage a healthy environment, health risks of smoking. They should be creative, use color and list strategies to help someone quit smoking and resources that can help.   

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week of 8/17/15 - 8/21/15

Monday - Students will complete the video "Sybil". Once the video is complete students will complete worksheet and writing assignment.

Tuesday - Students will take chapter 5 unit assessment. Students will complete vocabulary for chapter 16 and 17. The next unit will be Reproduction. Students will be given handouts of the reproduction system to label then students and the teacher will cover chapter16 lessons 1 and 2. As the teacher covers the lesson students will be able to check their labeling and make corrections.

Wednesday - The teacher and students will complete the notes of chapter 16 using PowerPoint and open discussion. Students will start their group assignment, which is to develop a learning pamphlet for middle school students using visuals and facts about the reproduction system.

Thursday - Students will complete chapter 17 lesson 1 notes using PowerPoint and open discussion. Students will complete their group assignment.

Friday - Students will review chapter 16 and lesson 1 of chapter 17 to get ready for their test. Students will watch "The Miracle of Life" video. Follow the video students will have their 2nd writing prompt.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Welcome to Health!

Week of August 10 - 14 Mental and Emotional Health

Monday - Students start vocabulary for chapter 5 Mental and Emotional Health

Tuesday - The teachers will cover chapter 5 lesson 1 and 2 using PowerPoint and open discussion. Students will complete a Cooperative Learning assignment. This will be group work.

Wednesday - Teacher and students will complete chapter 5 lesson 3 using PowerPoint and open discussion. Students will watch short videos describing different mental disabilities. Students will develop Anti-Suicide material. They will make a flyer, brochure, or poster that delivers a positive message and provide accurate information for students who may be thinking about suicide.

Thursday - The class will complete chapter 5 notes using PowerPoint and open discussion. Students will start their Eye on the Media assignment. Students will develop a brochure, billboard, a newspaper add, and a slogan encouraging people to see help for mental and emotional problems. The will be a group assignment that will take two days to complete.

Friday - Students will complete their Eye on the Media assignment. Students will watch short film covering Mental and Emotional Health. Students will have a writing assignment once the film is over.