Health Project Information

Ø  Select a topic from the Glencoe Health book. The topic can be anything that interests your group from the book. If you choose a topic that is not from the book it must be approved prior to your research.  Groups may select a topic that has or has not been covered in class. Your group will create a 4 page paper on your topic AND a 5-10 presentation covering their topic.

o   Paper – MLA format

§  4 pages of information on topic

·       Define your topic – Why is it important to your community

·       Explain the health risks associated with your topic

·       How can someone get help

·       The 3 or 4 lessons from your book usually makes a great outline

§  Title page

·       Topic

·       Group members

·       Class, date

§  Reference page

§  Therefore; there will be 6 pages in all

§  Double spaced

§  Grading:

·       4 Page Requirement                                                       10 pts 

·       Content Knowledge                                                       25 pts

·       MLA format (12 font, Times New Roman, double spaced, typed, title page, reference page, submitted electronically              10  pts

o   Presentation (should outline paper)               

§  Examples: PowerPoint, poster, Prezi, video, etc. (Anything method that you choose as long as it outlines your paper

§  Grading

·       5-10 minutes                                                                   10 pts

·       Content knowledge (Eye contact, voice and diction)    25 pts

·       Creativity, organization, neatness, uniqueness, eye appeal, visual aids                                                                                              20 pts

Ø  This is a major project. There will be no make-up assignment for this project.

Ø  Remember a plagiarism report will be completed on your assignment. DO NOT copy information without giving credit to the author. If your assignment has copied material without the proper citation you will be given an F for this assignment.

Ø  Plagiarism – a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work; the act of plagiarizing; taking someone’s words or ideas as if they were your own.

Ø  Submitting your assignment

§  You will upload your document to the Google Classroom for your block or you may email your paper to me, as long as it is typed in Microsoft Word! Due date is on the board. You have two weeks to complete this. Keep in mind this is an outside of class assignment, meaning it should be completed on your own time; therefore, any class time that you have to work on it is a privilege and can be taken away if you are not working.

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